The Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship is an endowed fellowship program organized through the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in collaboration with OneWorld Health. The purpose of this Fellowship is to prepare emergency medicine physicians for a career in global health through hands-on clinical field experience, educational initiatives, and research.

Accepting Applicants

Fellowship Experience

Global Health Fellows will receive pre-departure training and hands-on clinical experience such that by the completion of fellowship they will feel comfortable providing clinical care in an international or resource limited setting.  This may include time spent working at our affiliated Masindi Kitara Medical Center in Masindi, Uganda or other approved sites. Fellows will receive mentorship from Global Health faculty during their time spent abroad. Thus far, our Division has been involved in clinical care in Haiti, Guyana, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru and Uganda. Fellows will also have the opportunity to assist with curriculum development in Emergency Medicine as well as to work with our Ultrasound and Radiology teams on developing training curricula for our overseas partners. Field work can be tailored to fellows particular areas of interest. 

Global Health Fellows at MUSC are faculty in the Department of Emergency medicine at the level of Clinical Instructor and as such will provide bedside teaching to residents and medical students at MUSC. They play an important role as educators to residents completing the Global Health Residency Track. In addition, they will have opportunities to assist in teaching Global Health Electives, pre-departure training of medical students and residents, training and supervision of medical students and residents working on overseas rotations. Furthermore fellows provide didactic and bedside teaching to overseas medical staff and trainees.

Academic Global Health Training Program Opportunities
 Fellows also complete an Academic Global Health training program which may include one or more of the following:

     i. Masters of Public Health
     ii. Masters of Education in the Health Professions
     iii. Masters of Science in Global Health or Population Health
     iv. Certificate or Diploma programs in Global Health including but not limited to HELP Red Cross: Health Emergencies in Large Populations, Certificate or Diploma program in Global Health and Tropical Disease, MUSC Global Health certificate course, Other training programs may fulfill this requirement if pre-approved by the Fellowship Director and the Division Director 


Project Name & Description Details

Blake Willis


Lacey MenkinSmith


Tyler Winders


Richard Tsen


Claire Milam


Rebecca Teague



Program Director
Emergency Medicine
Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship Director

Dr. MenkinSmith is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. She did her undergraduate and medical ...

Faculty / Admin
Katie Koval


If you are interested in applying, please let us know! When you contact the program director with your interest, you will be sent an application form to complete, along with submitting your CV, personal statement and letter(s) of recommendation

Application Process

Submit Application form along with: 1. A copy of your current CV 2. Personal statement: In 500-1000 words provide a brief description of why you have chosen to apply to our program. Focus on how your goals for your fellowship may be met by and are in synchrony with the mission of the Division of Global Health at MUSC 3. A minimum of one letter of recommendation. You may submit two letters, but only one is required

Applicants must have completed residency training in Emergency Medicine

Important Dates

: Sep 30, 2020